Hawkesdene Wedding | Paulina & Toby…Day 3!

We have already shared with you the first two days of Paulina & Toby’s beautiful Hawkesdene wedding weekend, and we are super excited to finally share their wedding day! If you haven’t yet seen those posts, you should check them out. Their weekend was fabulous start to finish! Day 1 was a festive Fourth of July Celebration and Day 2 was a day jam packed with wedding Olympics. With such an amazing beginning to our week, we knew that wedding day was going to be amazing. And it was.

We love Paulina & Toby’s aesthetic. A fancy summer camp, a cross culture dynamic, and perfectly selected details. This is our jam 😉

Hawkesdene Wedding PhotographyHawkesdene Wedding Photography

The best thing about a Hawkesdene wedding is basically everything. There is so much space to explore, and all of the spaces utilized for weddings are full of character. It makes out jobs easier when people have comfortable spaces for the prep part of the day. We have room to roam and really work the space. Paulina and her girls had a fantastic set of rooms to get ready in. The light was so lovely to play with.

Give us room to roam, and we will work every angle we can find. We love how dramatic this room looks.

Light is everything, y’all.

Hawksdene Wedding PhotographyToby had plenty of space to hang out in on wedding day as well. Friends, pool, TV, beers… what more could a groom want?!?

wedding day gift exchange

Hawkesdene Wedding Photography

Toby went from casual to sophisticated in about 30 seconds. And he looked fantastic in the process.

Hawkesdene Wedding Photography

And then is was Paulina’s turn.

One last toast…

annnnnnnd…. it’s go time!

First looks are complicated. We love them for the sake of nerves and timeline…but sometimes doing them earlier in the day means that the light leaves something to be desired. We found the perfect spot for Paulina and Toby’s first look, and we are super pleased with the result!

Hawksdene Wedding Photography

Love love love!

There was a tiny garden next to the reception area. Amber fell in love immediately upon arrival, and we are in love with the images from this spot.

Hawkesdene Wedding

and this spot…

and this one…

Hawkesdene Bride

Portraits wrapped up, we headed off to the ceremony. Paulina’s grand entrance was epic. She was a star!

Hawkesdene Wedding Ceremony

Isn’t this place fantastic?!?

Suspenders rock.

Paulina and Toby had a shot prepared for each guest at their seat. A celebratory toast was the perfect way to make things official!

These two are ridiculously cute.

We grabbed a couple quick portraits in the lovely evening light, and then it was cocktail hour time.

After a gorgeous cocktail hour, we moved on to an equally gorgeous reception. Seriously. Hawesdene weddings are full of beautiful spaces!

We love the emotions that we have the opportunity to capture during toasts. Laughing, crying, cringing… it’s all gold to us.


After the formal dances, we took a quick ride up the mountain to catch the sunset. We are so happy that Paulina and Toby made room in their night for these moments. We thought it was magical.


One last thing…

And now we can party!

These people know how to party.

This band rocks our socks so hard. We love the Royal Suits!

Every time this sort of thing happens at a reception, we get a little nervous. This is how wedding fails happen. But these guys were total pros!

It was a fantastic weekend, full of beautiful people. Nicole and Sarah from Verge Events are the best wedding planners in the world (no bias here at all, folks 😉 ), and they made this Hawkesdene wedding a roaring success!

Huge hugs to Paulina & Toby! Thanks for the amazing adventure!


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