Ian & amber

Partners in adventure// documenters of life// shooters of the world

once upon a time...

on the opposite sides of a little town called Asheville, NC, two creative children took two very different paths to adulthood.

our lives were very different, and for over 25 years our paths never crossed. In 2009, that all changed.
we met. we photographed. we partnered.

the rest is history ;)


we love your unique love.

your destination is amazing.

we see your beautiful story.

your real moments inspire us.

  • love is love.
  • real is beautiful.
  • weddings are magic.
  • love is unique.
  • real is imperfect.
  • weddings are madness.

Hi, i’m amber!

I am mom to two amazing humans. I love kitty cuddles. Donkeys are my spirit animal. I grew up as a pastors kid, but I’ve since found evolution. I think rocks are really cool. Tony Stark is my favorite superhero ;)

Hi, I’m Ian!

I am married to a rad chick. I love dogs, and I miss my puggle. I grew up in the darkroom. Photography is in my blood. I love getting lost in a city and exploring the extremes. Die Hard is my favorite holiday movie ;)

for the stalkers...

01 - Our favorite way to see the world is from the front seat of our ‘77 VW bus, Hazel Grace. preferably at about 35 mph. windows down, of course.

02 - We both have an irrational fear of ducks. Ian super hates spiders, and amber is horrified by cotton balls. And now you know our kryptonite.

03 - Our church is a campfire in the woods. we disconnect from distractions and reconnect with what matters.

04 - We have tattoos. We have scars. Each one is a memory. Each one is important.

05 - Drink of choice? Ian will have an IPA, and amber will have a Long Island. Or bourbon neat for both of us. Blanton’s please.

06 - We have a superpower. We breathe underwater. Jealous?

we are destination wedding photographers, and you need a destination wedding photographer.

if you are looking for someone to document your wedding weekend in a unique way, you have arrived at the right place! we are inspired by travel and culture and stories, and your destination wedding is a brand new story for us to tell. we would love to capture your love!

xo, I & a
Destination Wedding Photographers