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As destination wedding photographers, we are inspired by places we have never been, and by the culture we experience in those places. Our goal is to shoot the world… and although that hasn’t been an easy task over the course of the last few years, we are thankful to have had the opportunity to capture a handful of uniquely beautiful weddings during the course of the pandemic. There was beauty to be found within the masked ceremonies and the reduced guest counts. There was an explosion of emotions as people came together after being apart for so long. Everything felt complicated…but in reality it was simple. Celebrations of love are always lovely in their realness, and these weddings felt particularly sweet.

Our first pandemic wedding was in St. Charles. Dan and Erin are amazing, and we were excited to capture their love. It was our first foray back into reality after being truly locked down for months, and honestly… it was a little terrifying. Everything felt big and scary and dangerous. The church was really committed to keeping everyone safe, and when communion began, the priest donned full PPE. It was heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once. We were in the middle of this big scary thing, but there was still time and space for love and life and celebration. (goodness, i just got all emotional about this all over again… it was really a special moment).

That first pandemic wedding set the tone for the next two years. Each wedding was unique in the way that they approached the mass gathering and travel restrictions, but there were a few new trends that emerged 😉

there were pretty masks…

labeled masks for the wedding party to put on after the processional…

so many amazing folks wearing masks in order to keep themselves and their clients safe on their wedding day…

Color coded bracelets were also a pandemic wedding trend 😉

pandemic wedding

Everyone’s plans changed. Elaborate weddings with seated dinners and dance parties became intimate family affairs.

pandemic weddings

These pandemic weddings, with all of their reschedules and restructures and restrictions, were jam-packed with big feelings. There was so much laugher…and so many tears. We were privileged to laugh and cry along with these beautiful humans.

pandemic weddings

Our couples are magic, and we cannot wait to share more of their stories with you 🙂 Each wedding felt like a happy little victory in the middle of a crazy time, and we are really thankful to these amazing couples for trusting us to capture their love.

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pandemic wedding


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